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At the Serene View Ranch psychoeducational assessments are conducted by a Registered Psychologist and use comprehensive measures to identify strengths and weaknesses in a child’s cognitive and academic abilities.  In addition to outlining how a child learns, psychoeducational assessments can also assist in the diagnosis of Specific Learning Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Intellectual Disabilities. 


A comprehensive psychoeducational assessment typically includes five aspects:

(1) an initial consultation to determine if an assessment is relevant

(2) psychometric testing

(3) assessment of social-emotional and behavioural functioning at home and at school

(4) scoring, report writing, and recommendation conceptualization

(5) feedback.


Developmental interviews with parents, interviews with school personnel, and a review of relevant schoolwork and school reports are typically incorporated correspondingly.  Psychoeducational assessments are concluded with a detailed feedback meeting with the parents and the school outlining all findings from the assessment including the most important aspect of a psychoeducational assessment, recommendations for the school and home.  

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