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Most of the services offered at Serene View Ranch are covered by extended health care benefits provided by employers.


Clients are asked to check with their employer to see what services can be covered. Depending on the extended health care plan, certain services can  be billed directly to the insurance company, but most require that clients pay at the time of service.


Clients are asked to check with their extended health insurance provider and with the professionals at SVR to determine coverage. SVR accepts all methods of payment and provides official receipts upon payment.

Every professional provider at SVR has a fee rate that follows  guidelines established by their professional bodies.  These fees will be discussed prior to the first appointment.

The fee for all psychological services will range from $180-$225 per session. Specialized psychological services are invoiced at $225 per session.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, EMDR, group programming and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program fees vary depending on the time requirements associated with these services.  


Fees for all services will be discussed with clients prior to the first appointment.

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