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61 PointSamantha Sambrooke
00:00 / 12:47

A scan of 61 points in the body. This can be done seated or laying down. Great to do at any time of the day especially before bed if the mind is busy with thoughts. 

Yoga-NidraSamantha Sambrooke
00:00 / 13:22

"Nidra" translates to sleep, however you can practice at any time. This guided meditation invites you to recite a sankalpa, which is like an intention, or something you want to bring forward. An example is, "I am becoming more and more compassionate with myself".

Energy.DiffusionSamantha Sambrooke
00:00 / 06:11

This is a great tool for when emotions are running high. You Are guided to stay with the sensations as you are experiencing them. You may discover over the duration of this recording they become less intense. 

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