May 5th, 2020

Dear valued clients, 


We have been through quite a bit of changes in the past several months and have remained physically closed to all clients.  We thank you for your ongoing support and flexibility in doing phone or video sessions with our therapists.  Some of you have chosen to wait until we re-open before booking further sessions.  All efforts are recognized in keeping our Island as safe as possible.


Last week, Dr. Morrison announced a phase approach to re-opening our province.  Psychological services fall under phase 1, which started May 1, 2020.  Our team has decided to ensure that we were fully ready to re-open and will be implementing a gradual re-opening as of Wednesday May 6, 2020.


This decision does not mean that you need to come for face to face sessions.  All therapists will continue to offer phone or video sessions for those who choose those options. 


 If you choose to come in for face to face sessions at SVR, we have consulted with Health PEI and put together the following changes, modifications, additional precautions in order to enhance all of our continued health.


Clients: Before you come in for a face to face session, please ensure that:


1-you have not travelled outside of PEI in the past 14 days

2-you have not had contact with someone infected with COVID in the past 14 days

3-you are not awaiting test results for COVID if tested

4-you are not currently under isolation because of symptoms of COVID

5-you have not been experiencing respiratory illnesses including coughing or fever, feeling feverish, chills/shakes or breathing difficulties


-When you schedule your face to face appointment, please follow your therapist’s instructions, such as where to wait before your appointment or at what time exactly you should arrive (as most of you are very punctual and arrive early).


-When you enter SVR, please sanitize your hands with the provided sanitizers, wash your hands or use a sanitizer that you personally brought with you.


Serene View Ranch has also made changes that will provide you with the best possible measures to prevent the spread of COVID and include:

1-approved hand and surface sanitizers in every room of the building


2-assigned staff to sanitize before and after each client, in the washrooms, waiting room and in the therapist office.


3-SVR staff will take their temperature every morning prior to come to work.


4-our beloved cats will be in a closed area so that petting them is not a possibility (this will be tough for many of you who love Bella and Tigger)


5-equine therapy will resume, but there will be changes made in the schedule and the procedures for working with the horses (these will be shared with equine therapy clients in a separate letter).


6-non surgical masks will be available for clients or clients can bring their own if they choose to wear them during their sessions.


7-physical distancing will be ensured during therapy sessions and at all times during your visit at SVR.


8-staff schedules have been modified to minimize the amount of persons within the building.  This also includes staggering appointments so there is the least amount of clients in the waiting room (that will also have 6ft physical distancing).



Thank you for your ongoing support,



Serene View Ranch Team

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