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Yamuna Body Rolling is a practice of using soft balls to realign the body and joints, relieve pain and muscle tension while providing a gentle self-massage to enhance self-regulation. 


Through specific gentle exercises with a ball rolling on specific parts of the body, it allows clients to become more body aware, decrease tension and increase a sense of well-being. 


YBR is an effective therapeutic practice  that teaches anatomy and a better understanding of the body’s muscles. At SVR, YBR is specifically used as a modality for body awareness, relaxation, stress management and pain reduction. Clients learn how to target areas of the body associated with patterns of stress and tension.  Additionally, an innovative use of the balls teaches clients how to regulate their vagus nerve, the nerve responsible for the Fight-Flight response. 


YBR helps to calm the nervous system while empowering clients to improve the functioning of their bodies.

For more info on Yamuna Body Rolling, please visit: or view the press kit in the PDF blow:

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